What are All-on-4 Dental Implants in Selden?

January 15, 2017

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Your dentist for All-on-4 dental implants in Selden.If you are suffering from complete tooth loss in one or both arches, there is a good chance that you have tried dentures in the past. Although dentures are effective, they do come with certain disadvantages, like slipping. You have an alternative option to replace your teeth with All-on-4 dental implants in Selden. This type of tooth replacement offers the same amazing benefits of traditional implants, even for those who may not have been a candidate due to decreased bone density. As an implant specialist, Dr. Stephen Scotto-Lavino will permanently restore your smile in as little as one appointment.

Your Dentist in Selden, NY, has Solutions for Bruxism

January 28, 2016

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dentistHave you ever noticed that when you close your mouth naturally, your upper and lower teeth don’t touch? That’s because they’re only supposed to touch when you’re chewing. For people who grind and clench, however, their teeth meet in a way that can lead to unusual wear and tear, as well as a condition called TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. When this happens, the consequences may not only be detrimental to your oral health but your daily well-being, too. Fortunately, Dr. Scotto-Lavino can treat teeth grinding and clenching—also called bruxism—with a custom nightguard.

Great Alternative to Traditional Dentures: All-On-4 Dental Bridges

April 7, 2015

Severe tooth loss is never a great experience. Whether tooth loss is due to oral decay, periodontal disease, injury, or facial trauma, tooth loss is detrimental to oral health and can have a significant effect on self-esteem and self-image. Dentures are the go-to solution for severe tooth loss, but they are not permanent. The office of Dr. Stephen Scotto-Lavino has an alternative to traditional dentures that are permanent and fixed. All-on-4 are durable, long-lasting bridges which will replace your missing teeth and provide a wonderful smile you will be proud to show off.

What is All-on-4?

Unlike dentures that require adhesives to stay in place, All-on-4 bridges are permanently fixed in the mouth. Very similar to dental implants, which replace a tooth or several teeth, these dentures are placed in the mouth via biocompatible titanium posts. The posts are surgically attached to the jawbone, so they can naturally merge with the bone itself. The permanent dentures are then bonded to the posts, securing them in the mouth. Unlike dental implants, however, which require a healing period after the posts are inserted, with All-on-4, you can leave the placement procedure with teeth set and ready to go.

What are the Benefits?

all on 4All-on-4 are fantastic, durable replacement teeth that offers improved oral health, mouth functionality, and the aesthetics that you want. These dentures also have the following benefits:

  • Reliability: These permanent replacements have been extensively researched and tested for strength. Take solace knowing that All-on-4 are reliable, dependable dentures.
  • Time: The procedure and healing times are significantly reduced, compared to other treatments. And, after the posts are inserted in the mouth, the doctor can give you a set of temporary bridges. You can still eat and talk comfortably, while you wait for your permanent set.
  • Affordability: All-on-4 are cost-effective, since the treatment does not require bone grafting.

Restore Your Smile Today

Let our team of friendly, talented experts restore your smile and give you a set of working, amazing replacement teeth. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation. Our passionate staff welcomes everyone who lives in Selden, NY, Centereach, Port Jefferson Station, Mt. Sinai, Terryville, Farmingville, Coram, and the surrounding communities.

Find Relief In Your Tooth Pain with Root Canal Therapy

August 20, 2014

489085765If you ask anyone who has ever lived with pain, they will all tell you that it is never a comfortable or pleasurable experience. Continuous pain, no matter how slight, is taxing on the mind, heart, and body. One of the worst pains people speak of is tooth pain. Tooth pain is excruciating, and can truly cripple someone, hindering the way they feel about themselves and how they go about their daily lives. Though you may dismiss tooth pain as simple discomfort, there are many things that could be the underlying issue of your pain, and it has the potential to be serious. Thankfully, Dr. Stephen Scotto-Lavino is able to alleviate your pain by offering root canal therapy to his patients.

A couple of reasons why someone may need root canal therapy is when a cavity has been ignored for far too long, and when there is some sort of dental trauma. Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, is able to relieve you of your chronic pain, restoring the health in your tooth and in your smile.

When harmful bacteria have made its way to the pulp of your tooth, the result is constant pain and pressure. If you do not handle your tooth pain in a timely manner, you could suffer from bone loss in your jaw, putting the other teeth in your smile in serious jeopardy. Dr. Scotto-Lavino will address the infected tooth by removing the damaged pulp. The tooth is then filled with a biocompatible material, and capped with a dental crown. All of these measures are to ensure that no more bacteria enter your tooth and causes damage to the tooth any further. At the end of your root canal therapy, you are left free of pain and with a healthier smile! If you would like Dr. Scotto-Lavino’s help alleviating you of your tooth pain with root canal therapy, contact our Selden, NY dental office today.

Your local dentist in Selden, NY can provide you with root canal therapy, as well as a menu of other personalized services for patients from Selden, Centereach, Port Jefferson, Farmingville, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Restore Your Smile and Your Self-Confidence with Implant Dentistry Services

March 19, 2013

Implants new smallDental implants are a relatively new procedure when compared to the hundreds of years that restorative services like dentures have been around, but they’ve already taken the world by storm. With the help of implant dentistry, patients with smiles of all shapes and sizes can finally have the complete, natural, and sturdy new set of teeth they’ve always wanted – after a while, you might even forget that you ever lost your teeth in the first place! Better yet, because implants replicate the entire structure of the tooth (root and all!), your oral health is maintained, including your jawbone, which can often begin to deteriorate after the loss of one or more teeth.

While implant dentistry services vary from practice to practice, your local dentist in Selden, NY offers these procedures:

  • Dental implants
  • All-on-4 Teeth in a Day

The dental implants process is carried out in a few steps. First, you’ll have a small titanium post placed in your jawbone; this serves as the root of your new tooth. Then, after an appropriate amount of time has passed for the implant to naturally fuse with your bone, you’ll come into your local dentist practice in order to have your restoration placed on top.

For patients who don’t qualify for dental implants (you need to have adequate bone tissue to support the implants, as well as relatively healthy gums), All-on-4 Teeth in a Day is often a good option. This method uses just four expertly placed implants to support a brand-new bridge that can seamlessly erase the gaps in your smile. Unlike dental implants, your local dentist can provide a temporary bridge directly following your treatment, meaning that you won’t have to undergo any time without a full smile.

Your local dentist in Selden, NY can provide both of these restorative methods, as well as a menu of other personalized services for patients from Selden, Centereach, Port Jefferson, Farmingville, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Rescue Your Teeth with the Help of Restorative Dentistry in Selden, NY

January 24, 2013

dental chair and equipmentAs you’ll be told many, many times throughout your relationship with a dental office, the guidelines of preventive (or general) dentistry, including daily brushing, flossing, and scheduled check-ups, are crucial if you want to maintain optimal oral health. Of course, this is true – but what about when you’ve already suffered a dental problem? Whether it’s a cavity, a crack, or a full-blown infection, you still require precise, expert care that can treat your teeth and save your smile. That’s where restorative dentistry comes in.

As its name would imply, restorative dentistry focuses on repairing damaged or diseased teeth through a variety of methods and procedures. While said procedures vary from practice to practice, your local dentist in Selden, NY offers these services in the category of restorative dentistry:

  • Dental crowns
  • Dental fillings
  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth Replacement
  • Dental Implants

As you can tell from the list above, restorative dentistry encompasses a wide range of simple and complex services, from efficient cavity treatments through fillings and crowns to more invasive, precise procedures that can either heal or replace whole teeth, such as root canal therapy or dental implants.

As with most procedures, restorative dentistry usually begins with a thorough consultation from your local dentist. Once the amount and severity of damage has been accessed, he or she can recommend appropriate treatments to solve the problem. If multiple services are needed, they can even often be combined into fewer appointments. This is usually called a full-mouth reconstruction.

Our office in Selden is well-equipped with the technology and expertise needed to treat all of your restorative dentistry needs and send you back out into the world smiling. We also serve patients from Centereach, Port Jefferson, Farmingville, and surrounding communities in Long Island.

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