Your Children’s Dentist Offers Tips on Helping Teething Babies

September 19, 2017

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teething babyTeething and crankiness go hand in hand for your baby. Why shouldn’t your little bundle of joy be in a bad mood? Those erupting teeth can be painful and cause sore gums! To stop this landmark in your child’s development from becoming a nightmare for both of you, use the following tips from your children’s dentist in Selden to help your teething baby.

Massage Your Baby’s Gums

To help relieve your little one’s discomfort, rub your finger across their gums. The gentle pressure can take away some of the pain. If you don’t want to use your finger, opt for a moistened gauze pad instead. Also, be sure to keep your baby’s gums clean. Getting your little one into a routine of oral hygiene from the start will benefit them for their entire life.

Give Your Baby a Teether

Companies manufacture rings and other objects that are designed to help babies through the tough teething times. You might buy a teething ring or other colorful toy that will appeal to your little one. To make the teether even more effective, chill it before you hand it over. However, don’t freeze it. Extremely cold temperatures can harm your baby’s sensitive mouth.

Also, be choosy about which teether you choose. Some contain BPA, a chemical that is banned from baby bottles and children’s drinking cups. BPA is an endocrine disruptor, which means that it can interfere with hormones and lead to developmental problems. Look for a teether that says it is BPA-free.

Choose Soothing Foods for Your Baby

Around the time your baby starts teething, they’ll start eating more solid foods. Feed them things that will ease their discomfort as their pearly whites are coming in. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cold foods. Your baby might enjoy some cool hummus, a chilled banana, or some fruity yogurt.
  • Hard foods. Think of hard foods as edible teethers. A peeled cucumber might be perfect for this.
  • Foods to suck on. Your little one might find comfort from sucking on a cool treat. Just be sure it isn’t something that is loaded with added sugar. Something like cold celery or a banana may do the trick.

You should also be aware of what foods your baby shouldn’t be consuming. For example, the acid in citrus fruits can sting those sensitive gums. Spicy or salty foods can also cause irritation.

Take a Trip to the Dentist

When your baby’s first tooth emerges, schedule their first appointment with your dentist in Selden. Your dental care professional can give you tips on how to care for your child’s teeth and gums so they stay clean and healthy. Also, visiting the dentist from an early age may alleviate anxiety from future dental visits.

Teething can be a tough time for babies. Use the above tips to help your precious little bundle get through it without too much pain.

About the Dentist

Dr. Stephen Scotto-Lavino is happy to care for the needs of all his patients, including ones who are just receiving their first pearly whites. If you have questions about how your baby can have excellent oral health, contact the office at 631-698-9400.

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