Are Dental Implants in Selden, NY Right for You?

February 22, 2016

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: Dental implants in Selden, NY can restore your smile.It’s hard to enjoy all that life has to offer when you’re missing a tooth. It could be trying to enjoy a meal at your favorite Selden restaurant and struggling to chew your food. Perhaps you’re headed into Manhattan to enjoy a Broadway show, and you’re too embarrassed to smile in pictures with your friends. Missing a tooth not only affects the function of your teeth, it also tears down your confidence. Dental implants in Selden, NY may be the right solution for you and here are a few reasons why.

Dental implants are natural looking

Your implant will be finished off with a tooth colored crown made of porcelain, and it will be custom designed to match the color of your natural teeth. No one will ever know you were missing a tooth because this restoration complements your smile so well.

Implants protect the integrity of your tooth and bone

An implant not only replaces your tooth, but also your root. This is important because without your root, your jawbone will lose density over time. Your dental implant has a “root” made of titanium that is surgically placed below your gum line. Titanium is bio compatible and will integrate with your jawbone, replacing your natural root and keeping your jawbone healthy.

Dental implants are extremely durable

Because your dental implant replaces your root, once your new crown is attached your implant is very durable. You’ll be able to talk, eat, bite and chew just as you would with your natural tooth. You’ll also be able to brush and floss your implant as you normally would, and with excellent homecare and regular dental checkups, your implant can potentially last a lifetime.

Implants protect your oral health

When you’re missing one or more teeth, it can actually put your remaining teeth at a greater risk for damage and periodontal disease. If you don’t replace your missing tooth, your remaining teeth will gradually shift into the open space and your jawbone is at risk for resorption, which will also affect the health of your remaining teeth and the appearance of your face. Dental implants help to protect you from all of these dangers to your oral health.

Dr. Stephen Scotto-Lavino has been in the business of providing top-notch dental care for over thirty-five years. He offers a number of procedures designed to replace missing teeth for patients, but dental implants are by far the best. Dr. Scotto-Lavino partners in his own office with a trusted local oral surgeon who can place implants for patients so they don’t have to be referred elsewhere. He will then restore the implant crown for you after monitoring your implant during the healing process. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Scotto-Lavino and learn if you might be a candidate for dental implants.

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