Dentist in Selden Says to Choose Quality Over Cost for Implants

January 30, 2018

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dental implant on moneyYou may have already decided that you want to pursue the possibility of getting dental implants. Many dental professionals firmly believe that they are the best way to replace missing teeth because of their oral health benefits, longevity, and natural appearance. But let’s be real here — dental implants cost a lot of money. You might be tempted to go to the dentist who offers the lowest price on them, but is that a smart move? Your dentist in Selden discusses why you should look for quality over cost.

Every Case Is Unique

You don’t have a cookie-cutter mouth. Your jaw, oral health, and concerns about implant surgery are unique to you. Therefore, you want a dentist who is willing to take the time to truly listen to your viewpoint, carefully examine your mouth, and give you personalized assistance through your implant journey.

A “bargain” dental care provider might rush you through the process and not take the care that is necessary to ensure the ultimate success of your procedure. For example, they might not explain all of your options to you, perhaps neglecting to mention that All-on-4 implants are often a viable alternative to traditional ones.

Experience Matters

Some implant cases are more complex than others because of varying factors, such as a patient’s medical conditions, bone density, and lifestyle habits like smoking. It’s important to choose an implant dentist who has experience working with patients whose circumstances are similar to yours.

If you’re unsure that a particular surgeon is a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to ask them questions about cases they’ve handled in the past. The deeper you dive into your research, the better.

Credentials Carry Weight

What type of training does your potential implant dentist have? Some have undergone extensive education that makes them true experts in their field, whereas others know just enough to get by. You might be able to find out some facts about a dentist’s training on their website, but if that information isn’t available online, you might have to call the practice or ask in person.

Trust Your General Dentist

Many dentists refer patients who are candidates for implants to a local oral surgeon. The surgeon will place the implants in your jaw, and your general dentist will later install the crowns or bridge that go on top of your dentures.

Your dentist might not refer you to the cheapest surgeon around, and perhaps your dentist’s price for finishing up the implant process isn’t what you hoped. Remember, though, that you already have a trusting relationship with your dentist. Why take a risk on someone new, especially when the future of your smile is at stake?

When you’re thinking about getting dental implants, we encourage you to look beyond the dollar signs. Make your oral health the priority.

About the Dentist

Dr. Stephen Scotto-Lavino has over three decades of experience in dentistry, and he uses his expertise to provide the skillful and compassionate care that his patients deserve. If you would like to talk to Dr. Scotto-Lavino about dental implants, please contact us at 631-698-9400.

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