6 Surprising Things That Affect the Cost of Dental Implants

October 7, 2017

Senior man smiling at dental officePatients who want to replace missing teeth with dental implants have a lot of questions, but the most common one by far is, “How much do they cost?” Patients are often frustrated when their dentists tell them that it varies, but this is the only honest answer. There are numerous factors that impact the cost of your dental implant restoration, and having a better understanding of these variables will help you determine the cost of your implant tooth replacement plan.

Restore Your Smile and Your Self-Confidence with Implant Dentistry Services

March 19, 2013

Implants new smallDental implants are a relatively new procedure when compared to the hundreds of years that restorative services like dentures have been around, but they’ve already taken the world by storm. With the help of implant dentistry, patients with smiles of all shapes and sizes can finally have the complete, natural, and sturdy new set of teeth they’ve always wanted – after a while, you might even forget that you ever lost your teeth in the first place! Better yet, because implants replicate the entire structure of the tooth (root and all!), your oral health is maintained, including your jawbone, which can often begin to deteriorate after the loss of one or more teeth.

While implant dentistry services vary from practice to practice, your local dentist in Selden, NY offers these procedures:

  • Dental implants
  • All-on-4 Teeth in a Day

The dental implants process is carried out in a few steps. First, you’ll have a small titanium post placed in your jawbone; this serves as the root of your new tooth. Then, after an appropriate amount of time has passed for the implant to naturally fuse with your bone, you’ll come into your local dentist practice in order to have your restoration placed on top.

For patients who don’t qualify for dental implants (you need to have adequate bone tissue to support the implants, as well as relatively healthy gums), All-on-4 Teeth in a Day is often a good option. This method uses just four expertly placed implants to support a brand-new bridge that can seamlessly erase the gaps in your smile. Unlike dental implants, your local dentist can provide a temporary bridge directly following your treatment, meaning that you won’t have to undergo any time without a full smile.

Your local dentist in Selden, NY can provide both of these restorative methods, as well as a menu of other personalized services for patients from Selden, Centereach, Port Jefferson, Farmingville, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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